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Street Food - Snacks and Starters

€14 Yume Style Maki Roll

Chef's maki of the day

€18 Yellowtail Sashimi

Yellowtail sashimi and mango-soy dressing

€16 Tarinni Chicken Wings

Spicy chicken wings with herb salad

€18 Salmon Sashimi

Salmon sashimi and spicy yuzu sauce

€16 Veggie Tempura

Veggie tempura and togarashi mayonnaise

€16 Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls and sesame dressing

€18 Pork Ribs

Baby pork ribs, fresh herb salad and thai-chili sauce

€18 Som Tam and Crispy Soft Shell Crab salad

Papaya salad and deep fried soft shell crab

Hot Stone

€18 Lamb

Lamb fillet and citrus miso sauce

€19 Beef

Beef with truffle ponzu sauce

€14 Tofu

Tofu and coriander salsa

€18 Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns and korean chili sauce

Warm Dishes

Portions are served with jasmine rice.

€24 Salmon Teriyaki

Roasted salmon and sweet teriyaki sauce

€26 Kaung Myat Prawns

Stir fried giant prawns, butternut squash and coconut

€24 Sichuan Pepper Beef

Stir fried beef, sechuan pepper and paksoy

€23 Veal Bo’Kho

Braised veal brisket and black vinegar sauce

€28 Yume Style Crispy Peking Duck

Crispy duck leg, pancakes and Hoi Sin sauce

€32 Grilled Satay Beef

200g grilled marble beef, satay sauce


€10 Vegetarian Maki Roll

Chef’s vegetarian maki of the day

€16 Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls and sweet chili dressing

€16 Veggie Tempura

Veggie tempura and togarashi mayonnaise

€14 Tofu Hot Stone

Tofu and rosemary miso sauce

€18 Stir Fried Veggies and Tofu

Stir fried vegetables and tofu


€6 Tomatoes and Thai Basil

€6 Pickled Spicy Veggies

€6 Spinach and Sesame

€6 Fried Rice


€10 Samurai Choco Cake

Chocolate cake and apple yuzu sorbet

€10 Cocos-Pannacotta

Coconut pannacotta and passionfruit sorbet

€5.5 Sorbet or Ice Cream