Street Food - Snacks and Starters

€16 Prawns and Shiso

Norwegian prawns, shiso and tamarind

€18 Marble Beef and Rice Crackers

Slightly seared marble beef, homemade rice crackers and karashi vinaigrette

€18 Yellowtail Sashimi

Yellowtail sashimi, sweet soy-chili sauce

€18 Pork Ribs

Baby pork ribs, fresh herb salad and thai-chili sauce

€14 Yume Style Maki Roll

Daily maki catch

€18 Pork, Crayfish and Asparagus salad

Salad of vinegar salted pork, crayfish and grilled asparagus

€17 Whitefish Kinilaw

Whitefish , lime and chili

€17 Grilled Lamb

Lightly grilled lamb sirloin and mustard-lime dressing

Hot Stone

€18 Lamb

Lamb filet and miso sauce with lemon

€19 Beef

Beef with truffle ponzu sauce

€14 Tofu

Tofu and coriander salsa

€18 Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns and chili sauce

Warm Dishes

Portions are served with jasmine rice

€26 Cod and Crispy Noodles

Fried cod, crispy noodles and spicy ginger sauce

€24 Salmon Teriyaki

Roasted salmon and sweet teriyaki sauce

€24 Plum Chicken

Fried whole spring chicken and sweet plum sauce

€23 Pork Katsu

Breaded pork sirloin and lemon coleslaw

€28 Yume Style Crispy Peking Duck

Crispy duck thigh, pancakes and Hoi Sin sauce

€29 Rib Eye

200g grilled rib eye steak and spicy yuzu-ponzu sauce


€6 Tomatoes and Thai Basil

€6 Spinach and Sesame

€6 Pickled Spicy Veggies

€6 Fried Rice


€10 Chocolate Cake

Suklaakakku ja mango-sorbetti

€10 Pineapple Granita

Pineapple granita, roasted white chocolate and seasonal berries

€5.5 Sorbet or Ice Cream