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There is a special Champagne BBQ happening at Yume on Friday 5th June to kick off summer in true Hotel Kämp style. The chefs of Hotel Kämp and Yume will be putting their aprons on and grilling gorgeous Kämp mini-burgers and plenty of other food on the Yume Terrace. Come and join us for a delightful summer evening BBQ and get a taste of new Yume at special prices!

Jälkiruoka - Dessert - Ravintola Yume

Gift a unique culinary trip to the modern Asian kitchen flavors of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and more!   Our restaurant gift vouchers are easily bought online and a delightful gift for any occasion

Sticky Chicken Wings - Ravintola YUME

With Yume’s new menu you can enjoy delicious Asian hawkers- and finger food straight from the grill or if you want, you can have it raw in Asian way. The dishes are best enjoyed in good company, as they are perfect for sharing among the whole party.